Are Personalized Calendars Marketing Hidden Gems?

Looking for a way to promote your business that will engage, remain, and market your products and services is a complicated matter.

Will your idea target a professional audience? If, you mail or email some informational flyers, will they just view it as another sales item and toss it to the side? That is the real conundrum. Is there a product that will not be thrown away, target your audience, and promote your products and services. The answer may surprise you.

Calendars are viewed as gifts, not as sales gimmicks, so they are not likely to be thrown away. The fact is, few people buy calendars, so receiving one as a gift is often a welcome addition.

Looking for a unique but useful promotional gift?

Offering a customised calendar is a fantastic way to get exposure to your business year round. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be completely customised and branded with your business information. Pick your theme, showcase your products, use advertising space.  It is an extremely useful way to create brand awareness!

Furthermore, it will remain in one’s office or room for 1 year. They can also be personalized, so that, the recipient will genuinely be happy and grateful. It is not surprising that they are overlooked, as most individuals receive their calendar from an organization or business. What other product will remain in plain sight for a full year and offer 12 separate promotions or sales pitches all in a non threatening manner.


Well, offering a personalized calendar as a gift will ensure that everyone who receives one, will at the very least, glance at your logo everyday. This is priceless. The individual is not only coming to know your brand, address, and phone number. He/she is endorsing you by having that calendar in their office. Also, every person who sits or visits that office will see it as well. Anyone will assume that you have an established relationship with that company.

This is why it is important to design a custom printed calendar. Knowing your target audience will help you design a calendar, which, will help to grow your brand and market effectively. Perhaps, you know an employee is avid golfer, or enjoys hiking. You can cater to their preference and ensure that its something they will choose to look at for 12 months.

  • High-quality imagery
  • Forthcoming events
  • Infographics
  • Branding opportunities 
  • Low production cost
  • High reach/impressions

So, the next time you’re thinking of ways to get your name in front of your customers, send them a free calendar.

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