The importance of posters in advertising your business


The current business climate favors contemporary marketing channels such as social media, email newsletters, retail apps and so on. But poster advertising isn’t dead, yet. High streets remain inundated with large format posters highlighting the best of what brands can offer, demonstrating their on-going utility in advertising to this day.

In this post, we’re going to convey the importance of posters in advertising your business by detailing their main business advantages.

What is poster advertising?

Large format poster printing is a perennial marketing tool used by businesses across the globe. Printed posters are perfect for fostering brand awareness due to their large size and versatility – they’re equally as effective inside and out!

Indoor posters, typically found within retail premises, tend to be sized at either A4 or A3. On the other hand, outdoor posters require a much larger size to remain visible to passers-by. Outdoor posters can either take the form of 6 sheet Adhsels for bus stops, or 48 and 96 sheet options for billboards.

How effective are posters in advertising?

Listed below are the main advantages:

  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Exposure


By far the main advantage of poster advertising is its versatility. Once you have honed in on where the majority of your target audience is likely to be, your printed posters can be placed almost anywhere.

For example, a public transport advertising poster could be strategically placed within a highly congested area to highlight the benefits of taking the bus or train over waiting around in traffic for an extended period of time.


Unlike most modern advertising methods that require on-going payment, such as PPC or social media advertising, poster advertising simply necessitates a one-off payment from a dedicated printing company.

We use top of the range HP Indigo Digital Presses to ensure sharp imagery, bold colors, and easy-to-read text. As explained in the following section, your investment will pay for itself through significant increases in brand exposure and lead generation.


It is the ultimate brand reinforcement tactic. Because of the way in which your printed posters can remain at a location indefinitely, it’s likely that members of your target audience will come into contact with it on numerous occasions.

This on-going brand exposure will render potential customers more comfortable with your brand, thus increasing the likelihood of inquiries.

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of posters in advertising your business, we recommend that you visit

We have an extensive selection of poster printing options available – we’re bound to have the printed poster to suit your business requirements.

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