How to make your digital and print marketing work together in 2020?

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With the continued growth of digital marketing, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your business or brand from the ever-increasing number of digital messages bombarding customers.

However, if you’re wondering whether to go with print marketing or to use a digital marketing campaign, then you’re asking yourself the wrong question.

You should be thinking about how best to combine traditional and online campaigns. Get this right and your brand will really stand out from the crowd. Also, it will win more customers for your business.

Combined strategies offer the best business solutions

Both digital and print marketing methods enjoy certain strengths, so use them to their advantage. 

Print marketing reaches a broad customer audience. Flyers, posters, leaflets and mail drops can reach a large number of prospective customers at relatively low cost.

A tactile medium, people are more likely to browse printed materials, while coupons and postcards containing offers, directly engage consumers.

We use Digital marketing to encourage interactions and create relationships with customers.

At, we’ve found that more and more of our customers are using printed booklets, leaflets and stickers to drive traffic to their websites and social media pages. As well as to promote products and services.

Find your customers – then personalize your service to suit them

Your print marketing can find the customers you want, based on where they go and what they read, along with targeting certain age groups, lifestyles and interests.

A well thought out poster, leaflet and sticker campaigns can get your message in front of your customers wherever they’re likely to be.

Good campaigns take this one stage further by successfully driving customers to your digital outlets, where you can customize their experience and grow the relationship further.

And you can use the information customers share with you online to further tailor your marketing and offers to those more likely to buy.

Get creative with combined campaigns

As with digital campaigns, creativity in your print marketing will get you noticed and increase your sales. Combined print marketing and digital campaigns offer even more ways to get creative.

For example, at events or any large gathering ~your printed marketing might encourage people to look you up online there and then just to take advantage of an immediate offer or enter a competition.

Digital and print marketing. Combine and succeed!

The most effective campaigns harness the combined power of both digital and print marketing.  Print marketing continues to grow year-on-year because of its vast reach at a low cost

To get your campaign started or to get advice, prices or ideas from a team of experienced printing experts, contact us today!

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