Thermography, Foil Stamping, and More- Ways to Make your Product Pop

Finishing and Coating your Print Products

Everyone is looking for a way to make their products stand out. If you use Thermography on a business card, foil stamping on your invitations, or UV on your brochures, you know that adding a little extra to your print products can make them stand out from the rest.

There are several ways to beef up your pieces and make a unique impression. You may be looking for a unique feel or to add some protection. Either way, you should know the available options and what their benefits are.

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Thermography or raised ink is the process of heating ink to make it bubble and rise. This can be done in a variety of colors and creates a 3D print effect that is unmistakable and impressive. Business cards, invitations, envelopes, and various promotional materials often use Thermography as a tool. It is a lower-cost option than embossing.


Embossing also creates a 3D effect on your print product. It is less glossy than thermography but allows you a variety of options. From multi-level embossing to blind embossing, to embossing with foil stamping, there are many ways to create a classic look.

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foil stamping

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping creates a majestic product. It uses a metallic foil applied with a heated dye. It creates an unmistakable printed product that is often used by large corporations on annual reports or letterhead. If you would like to make an impression that will leave people with a sense of awe, Foil Stamping is the option to go with.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft Touch Coating is increasing in popularity as it adds a plush feel and does not affect the look of the item. The soft texture invites people to feel and touch the printed product it is coating. Business cards see the benefits of a finish like this. Soft Touch Coating is also environmentally friendly.

soft touch coating

Lamination is a common process, which, adds a coating to the front and back of the printed item. It creates protection from creasing, fading, wrinkling, and water. For the latter reason, it is extremely popular with menu printing. There is also a process called velvet lamination, which, is similar to soft-touch coating.

lamination-print products

There are opportunities to combine two or more of some of the coatings and finishes discussed above. It is best to contact your print professional FGE Prints to discuss what options are available for your project. We can, also, determine what suits your needs and budget. There are certain options, which, cannot be combined.

So, it is important to speak with a print professional like FGE Prints to decide which options are right for your next project.

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