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Many businesses use booklets and brochures to promote products or advertise their services while others use booklet printing for reports, magazines, and manuals. We regularly print all of these for customers. And we offer a number of binding solutions depending on the purpose and size of your document. There’s perfect bound, saddle-stitched and spiral bound.

What is Spiral Bound?

Spiral Binding is often the best solution for documents of between four and 180 leaves – or 360 printed pages. Also known as wiro or coil binding, spiral binding is where the document is held together with a black metal wire spine that is fed through holes punched near the edge of the pages.

There’s no fold or solid spine in spiral-bound books, so they can open flat and fold completely back on themselves. This makes spiral binding a perfect solution when printing reference material, recipe books, manuals, reports and notebooks. They’re also great for presentations because they can lie open on a desk for easy reference.

  • The pages can be opened a full 360 degrees.
  • The pages turn easily and stay put.
  • It can accommodate low page counts or high page counts.
  • Works well with index tabs.
  •  It is a readily available binding method.

With Spiral Bound, We’ve got you covered

With spiral binding, you have got a number of choices when it comes to your cover. As well as having your cover on a thicker paper stock than the internal pages. You can add even more durability with matt or gloss lamination. Many customers also protect their spiral-bound book with protective clear acetate covers.

FGE PRINTS  has experience in printing spiral bound, perfect bound and saddle-stitched booklets as well as an extensive range of marketing print products.

By working as a team and bringing our special abilities together, we ensure that we provide and indeed exceed the level of quality and service that our valued clients expect. I can truly say that each of my team members are a highly qualified individual and a matter expert in FGE Prints 

Have a look at our website to see the full range of products we supply for our customers. Visit or contact our experienced, expert print team today!

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